Our Company
  • To establish a full service real estate firm serving buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees throughout Manhattan and neighboring boroughs.
  • To provide personal, professional real estate services delivered through a small number of agents dedicated to employing the utmost diligence, competance and care when engaging customers.
  • To create and maintain working professional relationships with colleagues in the industry, and to strictly abide by laws, rules and regulations as laid out by the State of New York licensure law and the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY).
  • To compete in the marketplace by employing traditional and innovative strategies in delivering services to our clients and customers.
  • To employ the most appropriate technologies in enhancing efficiency and productivity, yet striving towards growing a brand synonymous with our core values of relationship building and maintenance.
  • To enable and enhance decisionmaking power through diligent research and excellent communication, in an environment fostering confidence and trust.
For us here at NYPRG, brokerage goes hand in hand with getting to know your needs on a personal level. Our priority is the establishment of a working relationship with each and every client during each engagement. We are proud to often see these relationships continue in various forms long after the transaction is done. We view our emphasis on this aspect as a major strength and competitive advantage.

New York Private Realty Group LLC

Established 2006